Enhancing. Optimising. Altering Yourself. Overcoming. Transforming. Capital.


-THE HUB- is an immersive multimedia installation critically dissecting ambivalent phenomena of contemporary western spirituality, digital technology and transhumanist visions within a complex capitalist society.


The audience follows the narration of a dream journey, written by an AI trained to imagine human processes of the soul. This uncanny meditation guide from the AI’s subconscious builds the line along with experimental electronic music which leads the listener through a stirring dramaturgy. Signifiers from esoteric, New Age and transhumanistic references are critically appropriated in both the music and a multi-channel video projection that depicts an eternal flight through CGI-imagery. Spatially surrounded by sculptures hosting psychoactive, poisonous plants as well as plants related to the NASA-Research field of astrobotany, the audience is taken on a journey of transformation, growth, self-enhancement and self-dissolution. -THE HUB- opens an ambiguous space which explores the status quo of belief and technological metaphysics.